Our reseller plan is like no other on the Internet. When you sign up for any of our hosting plans, you are entitled to get 50% discount on set up fees for any additional hosting accounts you sign up with us.

As a valued customer of Arivoo, you may resell these additional sites for any amount you wish. If you sell our $2.50 account for $9.50 per month, you make $7.00 profit per month. Many web hosts only offer slight discounts for resellers, limiting your revenue to $1 or $2 per account per month.

To protect your reseller business, our nameservers are anonymous. They are not related to our arivoo site. If you need your own nameservers( and please contact us for price details.

We are redesigning our reseller system!
If you are an existing client wanted to benefited by our reseller discounts, please send your request to