Sprint Network

In 1992, Sprint became the first interexchange carrier (IXC) to offer a commercial Internet service. As an Internet pioneer, Sprint has continued to prove itself as a leader in IP technology and networking time and again, from being the first carrier to implement a GigaPOP backbone architecture in 1997, to deploying the first trans-Atlantic OC192 in 2001.

Sprint has often been called a "technology and engineering company," and herein lies the key to Sprint's success in IP networking. The SprintLinkTM backbone was built from the ground up as a 100% native IP platform with reliability as the number 1 priority. The SprintLink backbone is engineered so that all network links do not exceed 50% utilization. Links between backbone nodes are configured using multiple logical adjacencies via diverse physical paths. Simply put, multiple links are provisioned in pairs. For example: 2 physically diverse circuits, Circuit A and Circuit B, would be provisioned between cities and both Circuit A and Circuit B are active. If Circuit A were to be cut, all impacted traffic would instantly be diverted to Circuit B (see sidebar, Technology Highlight).

In addition, Sprint engineers have developed a patented 4-fiber, bi-directional line-switching SONET ring which functions as a U.S. domestic access network for Sprint Internet customers. This unique access architecture provides millisecond restoration that, in the event of an outage or fiber cut, seamlessly re-routes customers' traffic to avoid traffic interruption. It is this robust and "redundantly, redundant" network architecture that allows Sprint to provide unsurpassed survivability.

Today, the Sprint Internet backbone extends to more than 400 points of presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia carrying roughly one-quarter of the world's Internet traffic. Building on a history of technology innovation, Sprint continues to explore advancements in IP networking so Sprint's backbone maintains one of the highest levels of efficiency possible. With performance metrics backed by a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center and industry-leading Service Level Agreements, you can be confident that your business information will be delivered quickly and reliably.